About Cheese Riot | Australian Cheese Delivery Company

We believe that the only right way to enjoy cheese is the way YOU want to, whether than is at a dinner party, a picnic, with friends, or just straight out of the fridge. Cheese is one of those things that people think can be complex or that there's a "right" way to do it but we stand strong in saying that cheese can be enjoyed however you want to. We want to challenge your tastebuds and steer you to new flavours and pairing combinations where nothing is too bold.
Anna Perejma is the Founder of The Cheese Riot, who has had a lifelong cheese obsession. Anna is also the Events Officer of the Australian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association and she found that artisan cheeses from smaller producers were difficult to source from a retail basis in Sydney. After curating the & Cheese festival in mid-2017 she decided to take action to bridge the gap between producer and consumer - The Cheese Riot was born.

What we do

We connect directly with the cheesemakers and producers where possible, to bring the products straight to you. Our farm-to-table philosophy ensures that you know where the product came from and who made it. Our farmers care about the cows, sheep and goats they raise which translates into the most delicious products. Just ask your tastebuds. It's not just about the cheese itself, but also about the farmer's story and the passion that pours into creating their own produce. 

We only source Australian products

We believe that Australian artisan cheese products are among the best in the world and we provide a unique way to channel these products straight to you. 

What's in a name

In 1766 a riot broke out in Nottingham in the UK where large wheels of cheese were stolen and literally rolled away, which is now known as The Great Cheese Riot of 1766. We love cheese stories throughout history and this one was our favourites.