Feature cheesemaker for February/March boxes: Tolpuddle

Featured in our February Give Me Cheese and Give Me Premium Cheese boxes are three of Tolpuddle cheeses, with more coming in our March boxes.

Melissa and Donovan Jacka left the city life in 2013 in pursuit of a better way of living and moved to Tarrawingee in north-east Victoria to set up a small goat dairy cheese factory. An 1850's stone building has been converted into a cheese manufacturing facility, handling up to 300 litres of milk a day and it also includes a cheese cave in the cellar below. Yes that's right, a cheese cave! Their herd of 50 goats provide quality milk which is turned into small batch and hand made artisan cheeses, before finding their home in the cheese cave.

Bonegilla Feta

The Bonegilla is a brand new release, a feta made in a traditional Greek style which is marinated in a blend of oil infused with mediterranean herbs. The herbs come from the Screaming Seeds Spice Company, a regional Victoria business which source local produce, herbs and spice to create imaginative spice blends.

Tolpuddle Bonegilla Feta cheese

Ashed Chévre 

This cheese is a classic chévre log dusted in a light coating of ash. The ash is mode from citrus leaves grown in the orchard on Tolpuddle Farm. Due to the high oil content of the citrus leaves, an abundance of smoke is generated when cooked. This results in a very fine ash with provides a subtle but smokey flavour to contract the smooth creaminess of the chévre.

Tolpuddle Ashed Chevre cheese

Bulldog Blue

The Bulldog Blue is also a new release. It is a blue goat cheese made in a 2.5kg wheel with a creamy texture and with a natural rind. Although it has a funky aroma, its blue flavour is relatively mild and is a great choice for newcomers to blue cheese. Pair on a cheese platter with sweet flavours such as dates or mild honey.

Tolpuddle Bulldog Blue Cheese

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