5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Australian Cheese

We all know Australians love cheese and that we're never is short supply for choice. Cheese from all around the world is at our fingertips but when was the last time you opted for a home grown Australian cheese? We have some of the highest quality milk in the world, not to mention some of the happiest cows, goats, sheep and camels (if you didn’t know we make cheese out of camel milk you do now!). Our farmers and cheesemakers are just as passionate at making cheese as we are eating it.

Australia isn’t the heaviest hitter on a global stage when it comes to volume of cheese production (we are the 8th largest by volume globally) but we sure pride ourselves on quality. To put that into perspective, we produce the equivalent of approximately 2,100 blue whales worth of cheese by weight per year.

Here are our favourite 5 things about Australian cheese and why you should eat more of it:

1. It’s the freshest you’ll find and it doesn’t have to cross the world’s oceans to get to you.

Our favourite thing about Australian cheese is its absolute freshness. You can literally taste it. Once the cheese is ready for consumption (which can taken anywhere from one day to a couple of years if maturing is required) it makes its way to you to enjoy without having to pack its passport.  

Cheese platter with fruit and crackers

2. Our cheesemakers are adventurous. Australian native ingredients are featured in a variety of seasonal cheeses to showcase the spirit of Australian flavour.

Adding Australian native ingredients to artisan products is becoming a rising trend. From beer to gin to crackers to cheese we are seeing some delicious combinations that will challenge and delight you. Lemon myrtle, herbs from local woodlands and citrus tree leaf ash are just some of what will grace your tastebuds. Don’t shy away from these - embrace them!

Australian citrus leaf

3. We have some of the best milk quality in the world.

Australian is considered to be a high quality exporter of fresh produce. Fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy just to name a few are in high global demand. The world knows just how good our fresh produce is and so do we.

4. Sourcing locally is better for the environment.

If you haven’t heard of the term “food miles” or “cheese miles” in this case, it is the measure of the fuel used for transportation of getting the cheese from the producer to you. The concept is simple, less distance of transportation means less CO2 emissions.

“But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man cheese who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door”

Cows grazing

5. Lastly, visiting cheese cellar doors is FUN! We have some great cheese cellar doors around the country in which you can sample the cheese straight from the farm.

We’ve all been on adventures to the vineyards and breweries but have you ever visited a local cheese producer? Next time you’re quaffing the last vintage of your favourite wine why not make a stop to sample some cheese too. After all, they’re a match made in heaven and you’ll commonly find them near wine regions. Don't forget that beer and cheese go together just as well!.

cheese and beer tasting

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