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Discover new Australian products with our gourmet cheese boxes packed full of Australian artisan products where cheese is the star of the show. Our cheese hamper boxes are available as a no commitment monthly subscription or as a one-off and are perfect for gifts or for a cheese platter. Forget flowers, say it with cheese.



We love it so much in fact that we are the only cheese retailer in the world that only supplies Australian cheese. You won't find our cheese commonly in stores, we scour the country to find the best produce from even the smallest regional producers and deliver it to your door. Why? The Cheese Riot is built on the ethos of sharing - there's only one thing we love more than cheese and that's sharing it with others.

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Our cheese boxes are available as a one off purchase or a monthly subscription. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about being tied down to any commitment with our monthly subscriptions. You can cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time.

Select from our main cheese boxes; the Essential Cheese, Give Me Cheese and Give Me Premium Cheese boxes. What’s the difference? The Essential Cheese box has all of the essentials (of course!). The Give Me Cheese box includes more goodies that the Essential Cheese box and The Give Me Premium Cheese box is an upgraded version of the Give Me Cheese box as it includes a selection of cheeses and accompaniments that are more expensive, exclusive and harder to find.

Our service is professional and hassle free as we deliver artisan cheese and accompaniments straight to your doorstep. From the farm to the table, we want you to enjoy authentic, quality made Australian cheese that you can’t always find.

Why buy our cheese boxes?

  • No lock in commitments to our monthly subscriptions
  • Most of our cheese products are exclusive and not easily found in retail stores
  • All our cheese are made by Australian cheesemakers who use fresh regional produce
  • We only deliver world-class quality made cheese
  • We deliver Australia-wide
  • Our farmers are just as passionate about cheesemaking as we are

Our process

Each month, we source cheese and accompaniments from artisan producers from across the country. The boxes are delivered monthly, in the last week of each month, and each month's boxes contain different products.

The cheeses and accompaniments will showcase a selection of some of Australia's best artisan produce. As products change with the seasons, we source the best products that are available at the time. This is ensures that you are eating the most authentic and natural produce available.


The Cheese Riot delivers Australia-wide!

From blue to brie and everything in between, you'll love our selection of gourmet cheese hamper boxes. Packed with mouth-watering accompaniments, our boxes are perfect to send as a special gift or better yet, to enjoy for yourself as a cheese platter.

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Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today and they will be happy to answer any of your enquiries. Fill out our easy online contact form .


We select different products each month from Australia's artisan producers, the beauty of a monthly selection is that is changes every month. For further information on each box head to the individual product pages.

We send our boxes out at the end of each month. An email will be sent to the nominated email address in the week prior to delivery stating the delivery window.

Yes! All our cheeses are handcrafted and produced in Australia by the most passionate Aussie farmers and artisan cheesemakers. Not only are our cheese made in Australia, but they are made from the best and freshest regional produce. So if you’re looking for the finest quality cheese, order from the Cheese Riot today! You won’t let your tastebuds down and the selection is perfect for a cheese platter. If you live in remote area and are unsure about whether we can deliver to you, send us a message in our contact form.

The Cheese Riot delivers Australia-wide because we believe that every Australian deserves the right to indulge in the most delicious artisan cheese. So no matter which part of the country you’re from, you can enjoy first-class quality cheese to your heart’s content!

You can opt for a monthly subscription of our cheese boxes or order as a one-off purchase. Both options will be delivered on the last week of each month. And remember, there are no lock in commitments to the monthly subscription, so you can cancel at any time. We're pretty sure you'll want to stay on, but if you don't there's no hard feelings